Profile Martin Brander

Banking from Scratch - Transformer - Unusual Banker Certified Project Director IPMA Level A®
  • Business economist with lateral thinking skills: analyse complex challenges from the ground up, develop solutions and successfully implement them

  • Business Economist HWV with successful completion of the Swiss Finance Institute, Certified Project Director IPMA Level A®, Postgraduate Studies Environmental Management and TQM Expert, EFQM- and ESPRIX-Assessor

  • Over 30 years of experience in financial industry

  • Lecturer at FH St. Gallen

  • Corporate developer, CEO at

  • Broad and successful experience in leadership and responsibility of local and international change management programs, co-operations, organisational development, corporate integration/merger, sourcing (incl. SLA management), project portfolio management, service management, implementation of leadership cockpit, sustainability, CSR, procurement
  • Team player, good communicator at all hierarchical levels and with all stakeholders

Personality traits
  • balanced
  • engaged
  • analytically
  • strategic thinking and operational realisation
  • entrepreneurial and pragmatic
  • goal-oriented and independent
  • innovative and willing to act